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Wilson Goes Bar Down

If for some reason you need to know anything else about the game, read below

Tyler Wilson went bar down.


Despite a no-show from the team's leading scorer Jake "Shirtless Jake" Pryor, the Vilandre Brew Balls pulled off a big overtime win over the Random Renegades in Wednsday night's 8:30 game at Town Square Arena.

"This is a huge win for us," Brew Balls captain Brady Wrightsman said. "Their keeper, John, was unbelievable; ethereal, even. Does anyone know his last name? Does he play for the Sundogs?

"And how about Willy?" Wrightsman would add. "Bar down."

The hard-fought matchup featured stellar play from both squads. Renegade Brett Gilbraith finished with two athletic goals, and keeper John stopped 57 shots. "But not mine," said Wilson. The sweaty endeavor held most players on either team to statistics well-below their season averages.

Brew Baller Adam Shaugabay, who leads the Wednesday night league with a .876 chirp validation percentage, was held scoreless for the first time in 2019. "The Renegades had a lot figured out tonight but they still suck," said the sophomore center.

The game went to overtime, which was unfittingly shortlived. Wrightsman netted the game winner in a thrilling score, keeping the Brew Balls undefeated for next week's game against league rival Legion of Broom, who have also yet to lose a match.

"It's gonna be a blood bath," Shaugabay assured of next week's game. "They suck."

The matchup of league leaders is set for 6:30pm on Wednesday February 27th.

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