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Legion of Broom Plays Self, Wins

Random Renegades no-show

With five teams in the Wednesday Night League, the 8:30 PM slot each week features one team pitted against the Random Renegades, a team of mercenaries comprised of anyone willing to brave the elements for some additional skill work. Instead of a bye and a night off, this gives the the fifth-team a chance to actually play a game, instead of scrapbooking or Crossfit. Legion of Broom was the first team given this honor in Week One.

Even without any Random Renegades available, the 8:30 PM time slot was not a complete loss. In an impressive display of dedication, Legion of Broom’s entire roster was in attendance. This provided a great chance to preview the squad in an intrasquad scrimmage. High on broomball experience from 2018, the brewers, bartenders, and bartendresses forming this Legion are hungry to make a statement. Everyone saw action in last year’s league, with one exception. Charlie Soqui, Half Bros’ new Hawaiian brewer, rounds out the roster. Captain Bob Wippler spoke highly of the Chuckwagon's first appearance:

“We knew that adding a Hawaiian to a broomball league could be risky, but his potential is through the roof. It’s really his balance that sets him apart. He used to play pogs on a surfboard. I’m telling you, this guy is special. He didn’t fall once in the scrimmage.”

The Legion will look to Chad Gunderson and the aforementioned Wippler, both Second-Team All League players in 2018, for offensive production. Sydney Paoli and Tony Taylor add a physical presence to the team, while Taylor Nord and Shane Wasylow can be used in all situations. Rumors that John, the Man with No Last Name, gave up broomball for nights at Orangetheory, was just hearsay. His brilliant stickhandling and uncanny ability to move broomballs through traffic will be on full display this season.

The Legion of Broom squares off with an 0-1 Gandelson in Week Two action.


Broken Kneecap Award-N/A

Yard Sale Award-Charlie Soqui (because he didn't)

Unsung Hero Award-Entire Legion of Broom roster, for playing themselves and cleaning up afterwards

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