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Experience Shows in Warm Weather Win

Veteran P.R.E.A.T. moves to 2-0 in Monday league play

A nearly 40 degree temperature change and gentle snowfall provided a picturesque setting Monday night for Week #2 in the 2019 Half Brothers Broomball League. After a fortnight spent in the polar death vortex, a hot spell finally found Grand Forks and brought out the need for paramedics specializing in heat-related illnesses. Defending champion Popcorn Resistance Education and Training (1-0) squared off against the Butter Knives (0-1) in the night’s first tilt.

Within two minutes, team members on both sides were removing layers of sweat-logged clothing. Although the Butter Knives were demoralized in Week #1, they held strong for the first ten minutes. A great individual effort by Thor Grantfinnson put the Butt. Knives on the scoreboard for the first time all season...and there was much rejoicing. However, around the 10:00 mark, P.R.E.A.T.’s Captain Bosco had seen enough friendly fire and got serious. Switching to their powerful blitzkrieg offense, P.R.E.A.T. spent much of next ten minutes on what resembled a perpetual powerplay. With Richard Foe by Day, Friend by Night backstopping most of the game and P.R.E.A.T. rookies Becca Perry and Sarah Boese spearheading brilliant breakout passes, the rest of the offense used speed and surprise to encircle the B. Knives and dislocate their defenders, creating a number of odd-man rushes. Goals by Bosco (2), Tim the Enchanter (2), and Hovet put P.R.E.A.T. up 5-1 at the break. Buttery K. goalie Kyle Slivnik was valiant in his effort, with his stomach becoming the recipient of this week’s Gregoire missile shot.

The second half saw the Butt. Knives roar back with a vengeance. Newcomers Grantfinnson and Kaitlyn Spinney made numerous heady plays and defensive stops; they look to be huge pickups for the B. Knives. Grantfinnson also lead the game in yard sales, several of the highlight reel variety. Slick passing from Brittany Caillier and Spinney/Grantfinnson produced two more second-half goals. P.R.E.A.T. tacked on a few more and when the horn sounded, the final score read 8-3 in favor of the defending champs.

Undoubtedly, the high temperatures played a key role in the game. When P.R.E.A.T. won the 2018 Championship, now known as Slushfest, the mercury soared over 50 degrees. That type of experience with heat and brooms really showed at times. Although the paramedics examined all players, no known injuries were discovered.


“This was a real challenge. I’ve never played broomball in temperatures warmer than -30. It was difficult to find a rhythm.”

Butter Knives first year forward, K. Spinney

“Klaatu barada nikto.”

Butter Knives goalie K. Slivnik

P.R.E.A.T. captain Bosco da Gama: “A win is a win. We’re happy to get three points, but we need to play a full 40. The Butt’s Knife showed plenty of grit. They play a real heavy game and bring a high level of compete. For us, we need to increase our compete level at all times. In order for us to play a heavier game, net-front presence will lead to us bearing down and playing heavy. If we don’t attack the day, trust the process, and start analyzing the level of compete in our heavy lives, you’re not going to get net-front, or any kind of culture for that matter. That’s not the way P.R.E.A.T. plays broomball. In summary, I don’t have the faintest idea of anything I just said. I’m just quoting made-up phrases that Brad Berry and hockey guys use. They are beauties. #FireHak.”

P.R.E.A.T. moves to 2-0 and squares off next week against unbeaten Brett’s Classy Ladies in a long-awaited rematch of last year’s title game. In a battle of 0-2 squads, the Butter Knives face emerging fan favorite, the Sundogs. Make plans to attend.


Broken Kneecap (Stomach) Award - Kyle Slivnik

Yard Sale Award - Thor Grantfinnson

Unsung Hero Award - Kaitlyn Spinney (declined other engagements)

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