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C.O.R.O. Casually Over Runs Opponent

Gandelson out-sported, falls to 0-1

Methodical execution and steady scoring was just what the lawyer ordered as a veteran C.O.R.O. squad decisively defeated Team Gandelson 7-2 in Wednesday's 7:30pm league matchup.

After a slow start, C.O.R.O. started racking up the points, despite a huge Gandelson momentum shift early in the game when Andy Conlon batted home an in-bound send from the snow border to go up 1-0. C.O.R.O. responded with six straight goals, including three from Joe Deck.

"We knew this game was a must-win," said Deck after the game. "We knew we had to use Gandelson's inexperience against them. It was pretty easy actually. Like super easy. Excuse me, I've gotta close my tab."

C.O.R.O. takes on Vilandre Brew Balls next week in a meeting of Wednesday league super powers. Gandelson are slated against Legion of Broom.


Broken Kneecap Award-C.O.R.O.'s team manager - kept track of the clock in -30 degree temps and most likely will need two warm knee replacements

Yard Sale Award-John Ferguson

Unsung Hero Award- Andy Conlon - scored 50% of team's goals and recorded 100% of team's saves

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